Nowadays we see a lot of good designers making exactly what the customer is asking for. Sometimes even creating something that they - the designers - are not happy to make.

So if you are considering on working together on creating something - be that an illustration, print or other product with a special value for your business - be sure that you like my style. This is a very important thing to me!

My core is creativity and business strategy + being an artist. With this background I can promise you that my work is super professional. I always give more than what I ‘have to’. And I always connect the projects with something meaningful. That is my motivation in everything that I do.

Do you want to send a special present for Christmas to your employees?

Do you want to personalize a certain space or place?

Do you want to create a special card or voucher for your business?

Do you want to make a (restaurant) menu?

Do you want to develop a (new) logo? 

Do you want to create something together? Please send me an email. I will be happy to collaborate with you!