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My biggest dream is to paint every gray corner: bringing light, colour and hope to places where people live that are facing social obstacles. I want to use my street art as a social tool to change the perception of a place, creating new places to meet, play and grow.

I am already working hard on this dream as City artist of Leeuwarden but there still a lot to do.

reasons why a mural will benefit you:

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•    Murals make a bold statement and help to make a positive impression on your target


•    Your business will be an eye-catcher and invite new visitors


•    Studies have shown murals generate big social media boosts as well as an increase in sells

examples of places where investment for a mural will be very effective:


Is there a gray corner you want to paint? Do you want to work with me on solving social problems through bringing a bit of colour in someone’s life? Or maybe you own a company and want to give more joy and happy vibes to an office or common area?  

Murals / Street art: Portfolio
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Murals / Street art: Pro Gallery
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