Colours have a big impact on mental health. I studied colour psychology and colour theory and I believe that my colourful art brings a lot of positivity to the people that come across it.

Brands, companies, and businesses in general should be investing in new ways of real and deep engagement with their targets. And, to me, the best strategic way is investing in ‘lifely’ experiences. 

I'm a super colorful artist and like all the colours of the rainbow. Also, I’m always doing a lot of different things at the same time. My perspective on the world is focused on the positive result of the problems that we face as a society. Therefore I focus on the solutions and the joy.

I believe in art as a disruptive way of facing some of the actual social problems of our society like loneliness, acceptance, poverty, negativity, and frustration. Art can change things not just in someone’s head, but also in the life of people that don't have the same opportunities than us.

Do you want to create something together? Please send me an email. I will be happy to collaborate with you!