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Mooiedingenmakers - Gemeente Leeuwarden



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The Municipality Infography Subsidy project, in collaboration with the esteemed organization Mooiedingenmakers, is a pioneering venture dedicated to simplifying the complex language surrounding government subsidy processes. Focused specifically on aiding young, creative individuals, this project aims to demystify the bureaucratic jargon and present the subsidy application process in a friendly, accessible manner.

The challenge at hand is transforming intricate government guidelines into a visually appealing and straightforward infographic. With the expertise of Mooiedingenmakers and a passion for empowering young creative minds, the project endeavors to create an illustration that speaks the language of simplicity and creativity.

By employing intuitive visuals, engaging design elements, and clear, concise language, the infographic will unravel the layers of government funding opportunities. It will guide aspiring young talents through the application process, breaking down each step into easily digestible sections. The emphasis lies not just on informing but on inspiring confidence, encouraging these creative souls to apply for the support they need.

This project goes beyond conventional bureaucratic explanations. It is a creative endeavor in itself, aiming to inspire and uplift. Through this collaboration, the Municipality Infography Subsidy project will bridge the gap between bureaucratic intricacies and the aspirations of young artists, designers, and innovators. It is a visual beacon, guiding them towards the resources they require to bring their creative visions to life.

At its core, this project is a testament to the power of simplicity and creativity in transforming seemingly daunting processes into pathways of opportunity. By the end, the Municipality Infography Subsidy will not only be an infographic but a symbol of empowerment, enabling the next generation of creative minds to flourish and contribute meaningfully to their communities.

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